MCX8000 - Fw 2.0 Beta Test

Hi, i would like to test the V2.0 firmware, can you add me to the list please :slight_smile:

I meet the criteria for the beta testing program and I would also like to participate.


@Gee_DenonDj add me at Firmware 2.0 beta test, because i got a problem with the last Mac Os Update and Serato DJ Pro 2.0.2 ---- my screen go freeze in 20-30 minutes before play music and just work a serato dj software.

Hello I am also a passionate user of the very best console in the world. Have never had solvable problems and am very satisfied.

Coming from Germany (Berlin) and using the controller with Virtual DJ and would very much like to participate in the beta test.

Best regards from Berlin Ralf / DJ EXELBONSAI


The beta test is closed. You have to wait for the official release.

How I can get Beta Firmware to download? Thanks Domas