MCX8000 Firmware Update: How long does it take?

I am setting up my new MCX8000 and updating to FW version 2.1. Everything has completed except the control MCU which is still showing as downloading. How long does this typically take? It seems to be taking a long time and shows no progress on this step yet. Please advise. Thx!

The entire update should take around 2 to minutes.

It’s been much longer than that. Any idea what I can do? Thx

Just switch off and try again. If that fails you can force a firmware update as follows:

Place a USB drive that contains the latest firmware update package into USB 1.

Power on the MCX8000.

The left deck Cue button will flash. Press the Cue button.

The left deck Sync button will flash. This indicates the unit is updating.

When the left deck Play button is lit solid green the update is complete.

Turn the MCX8000 off, count to 4, then turn it back on again.


The Cue button do not flash ! I have did everything esle.

Looks like a rom failure. Contact your local Denon service.

did u resolve this? Mine is doing exactly the same.