MCX8000 "failed to connect audio" in Serato DJ Pro

Hey there.

I just bought an MCX8000 and I can’t get it to connect to Serato DJ Pro. I have a MacBook and am running macOS Mojave. I have already enabled microphone access for Serato DJ Pro on my Mac as the Serato website suggests when running Mojave. I have looked on the Denon website for any needed drivers but there doesn’t seem to be any needed for Mojave.

When I connect the controller, the status information in yellow at the bottom of Serato DJ Pro says that it is connecting to the MCX8000, and that it could take up to one minute. But then it gives the error message “failed to connect audio.” When I open “My Serato,” it also recognizes that the MCX8000 is connected. The MCX8000 screens themselves show the beginning of my track list, so there is some type of communication. But I cannot scroll or perform any functions whatsoever.

I have tried restarting my computer, looking for updates and drivers, connecting and powering on the controller before opening Serato and vise versa.

This is really disheartening after just dropping so much money on the unit. I can’t even get it to connect to Serato.

Hello What version of firmware has its controller, if it is 1.x update to 2.1 this should solve the problem, the other is to review the serato version because it has had serious problems with mojave, I assure you that the problem is not its controller, do not hesitate to acquire a great dj controler myself I have a mcx8000, you can try to mount windows on your mac or with another pc and you will see that surely the computer works perfectly greetings and luck

Have you followed this:

Hey, thanks for the responses.

I will try making sure the controller has the latest firmware as my next course of action, yes.

I know it isn’t a Serato/Mojave problem because Serato runs perfectly on my Mac running Mojave when I’m using my Vestax VCI-380.

I believe it is a problem with Mojave interfacing with the controller, because the controller does not appear in my options for sound input and output. It appears in my MIDI setup options, but the controller is listed as having 0 inputs and 0 outputs, so I can’t route sound through it.

It seems like I need a driver or something to interface the controller with my particular macOS.