Mcx8000 doesn't update song data

Please help!! When I make changes in Engine of some data, for example in the artist field, of a song, it does not update in MCX8000. After changing that data in Engine, I export again to MCX8000, but it does not update that data. Why do not you update?

Are you on the latest firmware for the 8000 and latest version of Engine Prime?

Yes, the 8000 is on the latest firmware and Engine Prime is on version 1.2.2. the last

Is there any solution? I have to change the data of many tracks and each track is in several playlists, so it’s a very long job since I have to eliminate the track from the collection and add it to each and every one of the playlists, and even so in In some cases, it does not recognize the change of data and it is not useful at all. I am very angry with the lack of fluency and few software resources

I have passed this onto our Engine Prime specialist. When I have a response I will let you know.

Thanks Chloe

Try to edit your tracks ID3TAG metadata in a dedicated software like mp3tag and then put them back in your Engine database only once, rescan edited tracks only, then update your playlist with the tracks you want.

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