MCX8000 does not see playlistes & creates

Latest firmware & latest Prime version… The software on PC some work propely … when I insert the usb stick into the mcx8000, it does not read playlists or creates … only single folders :frowning: On Prime i use compatibility with MCX8000. I transposed my database inPrime… Not solved. I work with Win.8.1Pro 64

I created a playlist with 90 or so tracks in it with the new method and it shows on the MCX in standalone mode.

No issues here.

You need to export to MCX8000 from engine prime…

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Yes, I partly solved it … on win 8 it seems a bit 'unstable … freez often. I can not export on a stick, from 'error on legitimate mp3 files … I’m afraid of having to edit the id3: /