MCX8000 does not load cue points in some tracks that have them correctly in the usb

I have updated engine prime 1.3.3 and the problem of the lost cue points for some tracks on the MCX8000 persists, when I check the USB to which I export on the PC all the cue points are perfect but when I load the tracks on the mcx 8000 some tracks do not show their cue points and others only show some, although most (approximately 90%) load them well, I do not know if it is a firmware bug of the mcx 8000 or an engine bug when exporting, I had already reported it over here (MCX8000 does not show cue on some tracks randomly, Loss of cue points when updating from 2 different sources), but I still don’t receive an answer


I am having the same problem, in regards of my Serato DJ Pro integration into Engine Prime. I can see my cue points in Engine Prime but when I export the media onto my USB drive and try to access my media in stand alone mode in the MCX8000 the cue points are not there or even some of the tracks don’t show up as well.

If you’re already using the export MCX8000 option, then see here - well-known issue: PRIME Series SPRING UPDATE

If not then you need to use the export MCX8000 option in Engine Prime.

I just tried the Export MCX8000 option and it worked for 2 out of 3 files that I know have cue points in them. I also see them in Engine Prime when I load them in the player. I am also experiencing frequent lock up of the program. Could this be because of Catalina??

I have published the problem here Engine prime & MCX 8000 Problems resolved and new ones but there is still no answer, I made an exhaustive analysis of the problem and it is with specific clues, they are exported perfectly with their cue points (I could verify it by loading them directly to the usb after exporting) but the mcx 800 does not show them, the tracks with which this happens are always the same send some to denon to see what the problem may be but do not respond

Thanks for the feed back. So it is hit or miss in regards of exporting the cue points