MCX8000 died in the middle of a gig

About 2 hours in to my gig it just powered off and killed the music. Full dance floor as well.

Luckily I had cables to run sound out of my laptop direct to the Bose F1 tops and just plugged my radio mic direct to one the speakers as well.

I checked the power adapter and it’s outputting 12v so the fault must be internal to the controller.

I have noticed since it came back from the previous repair at Denon the underneath has been hot beside where the power goes in so that may have caused the fault. Hopefully there’s a guarantee on the previous repair however I don’t want to be without if for 8 weeks again.

Guess I will have to call Denon tech support in the UK on Monday.

Props for being prepared and keeping the party jumping!!

it’s stories like these (and it happening to me once) that means I’m a separates man. It would take a lot for both my cdj’s and my laptop to all die in the same gig. I know failures are rare, but I’d rather have the insurance of separate units.

Well done for keeping the party going under tricky conditions

Just goes to show that anything can fail.

Is it transported to and from home in a proper flight case or just a paddy bag?

It’s in the Magma soft case I’ve had since day one, but I’m pretty careful when moving the gear. I could understand it may have been transit damage if it didn’t work on arrival but it switched off a couple of hours in to the gig.

My colleague has the same controller so I’m going to test it with his power block just to make sure the fault is with the unit itself before I call Denon.

It’s like I’ve said before, this is the sort of preparedness that separates the amateurs from the pros. Anything can fail, don’t care who’s name is on it, but if you are ready to deal with it by having the proper backup gear, cables, laptops, whatever you need, it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Nicely done!

Just a quick update.

Denon UK picked up the controller last Wednesday and delivered it back today. Seems the main PCB had completely failed, so they replaced it with a new circuit board free of charge despite the controller being out of warranty. It’s working perfectly again now.

First class customer service.


That was one way of getting the dusty from the inside of your 8000 display window. :laughing: lol

Never replaced the controller, just the PCB. Still dust under the screens though!

Thanks for the update. Fantastic customer service! :+1:

One thing I’ve learnt over the last 40 years Djing is no matter the tech you use, if you plug it into the wall for power it’s prone to failure so always prepare for the worse case. But bravo to Denon support yet again

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I don’t think we can limit it down to wall powered device will fail, and usb power devices will not fail. I think if you can see it, touch it, load it, buy it, or install it, it can fail.

Take Apple OS updates too, you can’t touch them physical but they sure do muck the world up

Thumbs up for Denon DJ customer service, but the issue is not if a device will fail, because it will eventually, but when it will fail. If a device component have a failure, let’s say, once every five years it could be considered a good lifespan. On the other hand, if a device made from hundreds of various component parts has failures in different components once a year, it will be very annoying for its owner to send the unit every time for various repairs, losing time and money, and it raises serious questions about the device reliability and will tarnish the manufacturer image. That’s why many of us like to see a very good level of reliability in every device we buy.

It’s an interesting topic. I know some DJs who do have a backup of sorts, but never been tested and would take time to swap over to potentially ruining the gig.

For me it was simple. What do I do if the laptop fails (standalone on MCX8000) and if the controller fails its a cable out of the laptop jack direct to the F1 system.

Would be interesting to see what other members here have as contingency.

Kinda what I said mate

Wego and a 2x iPad is my back up. Small enough to go in one case and has a mic input as well.

In case of a failure, any backup setup at your disposal that will enable you to keep the music playing and the crowd happy, is good. The rest is up to ones creativity.

I have a few consoles I can take out, all with some form of backup built it. As an example, if I’m out with my 8000 I have it in a road case with a 1u rack space under the controller. I have a small mixer in that space and the 8000 is plugged into it. In the event of total 8000 failure the laptop gets plugged into the mixer and I’m back up and running. Not a perfect solution but the music keeps playing!

that would be one of the examples of why serato support was requested for prime 4, it is true that it only works perfect but and if it fails, now you change to serato and voila, the only thing I don’t like about prime 4 is that it cannot be used the engine mode next to serato as if it happens in the 8000 which facilitates the change between dj or if something fails (controller or laptop) a faster transition

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