Mcx8000 Catalina

So I’ve just bought a new MacBook Air 2020 on Catalina and I had trouble using the denons, I had faults on the screens saying mcu missing so I re downloaded the firmware update and installed the updated Mac OS driver on the denon dj website and have now had the same problem, screens are freezing and cannot control serato from the controller at all, please help patience is wearing thin with this brand

I don’t mess around with Catalina. For some reason Catalina will erase your firmware on a Numark NV II, I saw that my self. Now Numark has an update or driver for that, but meanwhile my friends NV II is dead, who is responsible for that, Numark or Apple?

So I guess the same thing could be happening on Denon MCX8000 since both, NV and MCX8000 have screen displays.

Just saying what I have seen. To be safe I keep away from MAC’s update as long as I can, and as everything is working OK.

Feel sorry for those who just bought a new MAC with Catalina.

So you haven’t seen an Mcx8000 damaged by Catalina. Even though Numark and denon are both owned by the same company now, but not at the time when the mcx was probably designed, it’s a big leap to say they’ll both get affected by Catalina because they both have screens

Cautionary guess perhaps , but not proven accurate?

What’s up @Mazza212,

Not sure if this is still an issue or resolved, but Serato has acknowledged an issue with Catalina. It’s best to check both the Denon and Serato forums for answers. Good luck!

Well then… I guess & could be, are both worthless words! I guess.

What’s up @DjChachi,

I understand your point on this. I’ve been burned with MAC updates in the past so I too am a little shy on jumping onboard with the latest update. I have a 15-inch mid 2012 Macbook Pro and I’m still running Mojave on it (working great). I have a business partner who use a Mac for music production and concert sound. He’s still hasn’t upgraded from Mojave.

Not so say it’s not safe to upgrade, but if your Mac/PC is used for your livelyhood (i.e. making $$$) then I personally don’t upgrade until I hear enough positive chatter about the newest OS release.

That old saying: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

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