Mcx8000 becoming completely unreliable

Mcx8000 suddenly started freezing on stand alone mode after an hour or so, screen freeze and can’t read USB to load tracks. At power up it get stuck on the Denon Splash screen many and I have to restart multiple time before it will enter stand alone mode. I recently had my Mac crash and got a new one loaded with Catelina OS and that gave me many issues also, so I was hoping stand alone would get me through while all the bugs get worked out. Is there a way to reset the unit or something, firmware has been updated.

It could be the faulty memory chip problem lots of units have had.

Denon will repair free of charge if this is the case. Doubt reflashing the firmware will make a difference.

I have had exactly the same issue in the past.

Ciao a tutti anch’io ho lo stesso problema qualcuno la risolto?

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Based on the information provided, additional support from one of our trained Support and Service Specialists is required. Please visit the link below for further assistance with this matter.

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