MCX8000 and Pitch and Time

These two just dont get along. When Pitch and Time is ON in Serato, I have my key lock on MCX activated and Im beatmatching with the pitch fader (i.e. moving the fader up or down), a whistling sound starts on every kick of the track, distorting the audio pretty badly. The whistle sound stops immediately after turning OFF key lock on MCX or disabling Pitch and Time in Serato. I cant work without key lock on, so I thought “fine, lets switch off that Pitch and Time in Serato for good”. After doing this, the waveforms on MCX displays keep moving after hitting play/pause. So I have to choose - moving waveforms or distorted audio

Any news whether the upcoming firmware update will address the moving waveform issue? It is well known for quite some time, for example.




Hi Lukas, How has the above Pitch’n’time issue been going with the new public beta firmware ?

Hi Gee, I don’t participate in Public Beta. I’m waiting for a polished release :slight_smile: I need my MCX ready and who knows what could go sideways in beta. So here goes my hope that the new firmware will address this issue when up and ready for release.

Understandable. For that reason, the beta section offers a copy of the current/previous firmware also, so that users participating in the beta testing can “roll back” their units prior to performing out at events.