MCX USB hub > DS1 - tech question!

Hi all, I know this may sound a odd thing to do. I use the MCX standalone or with my preferred app. I recently bought a DS1 as an alternative setup: Leave the house with just the DS1 if DVS is possible on location - e.g. leave the big MCX at home. My DJ set is 4 meters away from my iMac. Serato is on the iMac (i hardly use it)

Can someone fill me in: is it SAFE to plug the DS1 usb in the MCX’s hub?

I have seen details of what is good, and what uses too much power for this port. But i don’t know where i saw that info. I think FB a long time ago. I know it is not a good idea (read: bad) to use long USB cables in a pro audio scenario. But i just tried it, and i have it working : DS1 at the decks and Serato on iMac 4 mtrs USNB cables + hub (ahem, i won’t rely on this professionally, but can do it occasionally ‘for fun’ so it seems)

Why: i have 1 4 mtr usb ‘extension’ cable. If i would use this for the MCX, and use the MCX hub for the DS1, i think i should be able to configure Serato, so it uses the MCX as controller and DS1 as sound card ! right?

I haven’t bought the DVS Unlock for MCX. But with DS1 i don’t have to! See my point? But i’d really like to be sure if DS1 usb > MCX8000 usb hub is safe

Thank you in advance!

Serato always advise that any soundcard should be plugged direct to your computer.

I understand you are trying a hybrid solution, but how do you intend to control the platters even if you get the MCX8000 to work as a midi controller for the Denon DS1 DVS card?

Do you have TTs or CD decks?

Hi, thnx. Yes i know - it’s also music production rule nr 1 : sound card direct in computer Like i said i wil never rely professionally on what i’m trying to de here - it’s just an added bonus…

OH DAMN !! You are right i’m afraid! Forgot that! The MCX cannot be in controller/PC mode because i would need the standalone mode; DS1 rca’s into MCX inputs = line in (thus not PC)

oh my. lol I knew this was a strange scenario :slight_smile: Annoying though! im not buying a €99 DVS unlock for the MCX, since it already works with my DS1… :frowning:

This is basically the way the old MC6000mk1 can work with SSL with a SL interface thanks to it’s hybrid mixing option (central part works as a standalone mixer while sides with jogwheels still output midi to software to control decks): SL interface unlocks the software/DVS and the software uses it as a audio output, connected to the MC6000’s line inputs. XML mapping file is used to enable the midi comunication between controller and software (including jogwheels). Of course, controller is also connected with a usb cable with the laptop.

^^ interesting ! But i’m right in thinking this can’t be done with the 8000, correct? bugger…

You are right, SeratoDJ would have trouble working when two “SDJ enabled” interfaces are connected. If you want DVS then DS1 would have to be used for all audio (even if you manage to plug MCX and get SDJ to not crash/freeze)

yeah. What i actually meant was select DS1 as audio card and MCX as controller only additionally. But forgot that standalone doesn’t allow PC mode at the same time… And i never tried such a setup before…

Thank you!