Mcx 8000 new user- advise

Hey my fellow Dj’s! I just got the mcx 8000 and need advice on the best laptop (besides a mac) don’t mind if i spent $$$ for the best performance… SSD? DJ SOFTWARE, FLASHSTICK’S ETC!!! Also i will be doing much music videos and live simulcast. So please spread some love and advise! Thanks a bunch!!

If money is no issue, I’d seriously consider getting a MacBook Pro. If you can find one, get the model before the recently released one. You still get the magnetic power connector (saved my ass more times than I care to remember), has all those lovely connectors (instead of the 2 USB-C ones on the new one) and you don’t have that touchscreen strip where the function keys are on the new one. Apparently it is very easy to touch the strip while typing and before you know it you will hot-keying something you really didn’t want.

With the new MBP around, you might get lucky and find the previous model somewhere new at a decent discount?

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I own a Dell XPS 15 and i’m pretty happy with it, serato runs well, so does the MCX8000. Specs are i7 7700HQ, SSD 512 Gb, 16 Gb ram, NVidia 1050.

Any laptop from the mid range upwards will do fine.

I can run the MCX8000 with VDJ8 on a GPD pocket outputting HD video all night which only has an atom processor with no problems whatsoever.