MCX 8000 Mk2 . . . . . What's on your Wish List?


You mean like…oh, I know, the MC2000, MC4000, MC7000 and MCX8000?


I don’t mind only having the two channels work stand alone. I like having the four channels to plug a phone or iPad with Spotify in. And then maybe a datalink Ethernet port to the mixer so you could hook an sc500 in. Then the whole prime firmware within the device. But more than anything device that addresses all of the most important flaws like freezing etc.

I don’t own one but all of the main issues are what hold me back. The screen freezing etc. I love this device I’d pay rx2 money for it if I weren’t worried that I’d have a screen freezing scenerio in the middle of a wedding. I have nightmares about that but I want to buy the 8k so bad.


I own the MCX8000 and haven’t had any of the hardware glitches that other users are describing (nearly all have been address in the recent firmware update), HOWEVER, I do have major gripes now with the Engine Prime Music Management Software. I want so bad to endorse this controller, as it has features, build, sound quality, and potential that far exceeds many other controller on the market, but the Engine Software is holding the MCX8000 back from being one the best pieces of DJ equipment on the market.