MCX 8000 Firmware 2.5 Unresolved and New Issues

Hello First of all, I see it wrong that those who participated as beta testers for this firmware were not thanked and that they were not given to test the final version before publishing it so that these errors would not appear to the general public, these are some of the things I have noticed

1 - The problem of marking played tracks does not work when they are loaded from play lists

2 - The problem of marking of played tracks does not work when after loading tracks From the crates and reproduce them, one is loaded from the prepare list, not marking the one that is in charge of the prepare list

3 - In Roll mode, setting the Beat Jump value to 32 does not work so it does not perform the jumps

I have noticed other things like a more aggressive cut in the equalization even so that it is not nothing will be left unchecked use sync and I think it doesn’t work correctly but to be Sure, these last 2 must test them with the previous firmware after they confirm if it is possible to return to 2.1



Approved the bug reports, continue there.