MCX 8000 Discontinued?

I was doing some research on the MCX and noticed that the major U.S. retailers either removed it from their websites or only offer refurbs, blemished, or repackaged MCX8000’s. Any official word from Denon? I haven’t seen anything.

I thought production ended long time ago. If retailers started not offering it any more that probably just means stocks are finally depleted.

That could be the case, but I haven’t heard anything from Denon on this. Maybe they just want it to fade away

There was a similar thread to this a couple of months ago but no conclusion.

I’d be wary buying second hand because of the power button and screen freeze issues that affect a lot of the units.

I’ve had mine for some time and it has served me well (even better after most of the bugs were take care of). Denon still supports a page for it on their website, but removed it from their banner artwork. It’s leaving (I’m sure) but no official word, and I assume their won’t be one.

The lack of products in 2020 has affected everything, there is no stock neither from nvidia nor amd and I do not think that the mcx 8000 nor denon has escaped from that, in my opinion this controller is enough for many even more comfortable as it is the only one that allows switch between serato and autonomous mode instantly which facilitates the change of djs, the only thing that hurt this controller was the problem of the screens something that the new units have already solved so I think it would be a mistake to remove it from the market


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I totally agree. This is a feature that makes the MCX great and something the Denon could build upon.

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Even now the MCX8000 is brilliant. I have two of them and use them for all my mobile gigs. Beautiful sound and excellent mic channels.

The seamless switch between VDJ and standalone is wonderful. Seriously have no idea why they ditched that on the Prime 4

I think it is just a consequence of making the mcx8000 in cooperation with serato from beginning vs prime 4 that had added serato compatibility. Mcx8000 is primarily a SDJ controller with standalone backup while with prime 4 is it the other way around.

I just spoke with a Denon rep today, because I have to send mind back for repair and I asked the same thing everyone else wants to know, if this controller has been discontinued and he said that they have not sold 1 since 2018 but may have been available through retailers, and they were no longer making them. I feel a little slighted because I bought mine Feb 2020 and the company I got it from did not have it listed as a discontinued controller, which is mostly my fault for not researching whether it was still in production. So, yes it looks like for now it has been discontinued.

Why? What difference does it make from a week ago when you did not had that information? Unit performs differently?

I mean, logic tells you if the production started in 2016, it will be discontinued soon. Like it matters if it’s this year or next.

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It’s bot as though all the buttons fall off in the day that it’s discontinued status is mentioned.

There are much older models that are still manufactured and not only from Denon but also from other brands that due to its success, perhaps the problem of the screens generated a bad reputation for this controller and that took its toll and to add the long time that many waited for stage linq, I bought it in Sep 2018 I had to wait almost 2 years imagine the disappointment of the first buyers, in my opinion a magnificent controller with an inappropriate launch


At some point, everything goes out of production or replaced by something newer. Thing of those that bought CDJ-2000NXS2’s or SC5000’s this past summer, only to find new products on the horizon.

Because their out of production doesn’t mean that it no longer a great or worthy purchase.

Heck, many women came on the market since I got married. I still like mine (holding on to the receipt just in case). JUST KIDDING!