MCX 8000 Beta Program Now Closed

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the hundreds of dedicated users who joined the beta test program. We have been humbled by the amazing response.

We are now closing the program to new applicants as we round up our final beta builds. We are thrilled so many of you took part and helped shape V2 of the firmware. We have included as many of users requests as possible in this update and are confident that users will be thrilled with the update. Thank you for all your passion and support.

Stay tuned for more details in the near future about how to download/install the final version.


Glad to have taken part and delighted with the improvements to the controller. Well done Team!



DjChachi PR

oh no. i wait for so long time for this good news…i’d like to also test the beta, but now i’m to late. :confused: is there any possibility to become a tester or have i wait for the release? and, what would you say, when we can awaiting the alpha version??? i’m curious!!! :slight_smile:

Happy to read this. Can’t wait to install the new update on my MCX8000 :smiley:

It’s been my pleasure. I’m excited to where Denon is going with this. Looking forward to the V2 update and hopefully a few ‘tweaks’ to Engine. Keep pushin’ guys! Really proud of Denon!

It’s been an absolute pleasure helping to test this firmware. I must commend the Denon team that have been listening to all our issues & helping to iron out any kinks to make this a rock-solid update. It’s really great to be a part of this forum again now, the staff are friendly, helpful & understanding. With this type of attitude & the genuine willingness to try assist whenever possible. I can only see great things ahead for Denon. Well done Denon!!

When will the 2.0 update be available for prime-time?

Vorrei partecipare per contribuire a dei miglioramenti ma la mia mcx8000 crea problemi nel senso che l’ho appena comprata, il display del deck dx si blocca mentre la musica continua, insomma partiamo male, con questo firmware si resetta cosa devo fare! Grazie


It was a pleasure being part of the beta testing and contributing to making this great product even better. Great working with the Denon team who have been very dedicated and professional throughout. Also very nice being associated with a great group from the DJ user community.

Now if you were looking for a token to show your appreciation for our voluntary time and support, I would love one of your Engine USB sticks. :wink:

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I’ve been doing dj during my home parties. I have been a proud owner of my mcx8000 because of the specs and price range in comparison to it’s competitors. Am more thrilled that v2 seems to be around the corner most likely in June.

non è più possibile avere la versione 2.0 del firmware ?

Hey @sbangs.

Great to hear that a new version is coming out soon. Is there any way to be able to get the beta firmware at this stage? I am thinking about switching from Pioneer DDJ SX to the Denon MCX8000 as I heard so many good things and will have such a unit this weekend at a gig to test it and wanted to try out the new firmware before buying it.

Any chance to get it?

Many thanks in advance, Nicolas

Just bought the MCX8000. Too late for beta testing. Could I participate in the alpha test. Or is there a final release coming soon. This is the main reason I bought the unit. Standalone capabilities…:hugs:

When started the new Firmware 2.0 for MCX8000!

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