MC7000 with 2 SC2900 Player


i have a question. im usig the mc7000 as my main hardware for my gigs. now i´m planing to get 2 sc2900 player as a backup solution. i have a great offer for 2 of them with a case. as i know the sc2900 have a hybrid mode. can use them like a controller for serato maybe. they have no soundcard build in, so i need a device for the sound. now the question… is it possible to use the sc2900 when i connect them to the mc7000??? are they fully compatible with serato dj? i think you know what i mean… i hope someone can help me :slight_smile:


They are not fully compatible with SDJ because they were designed when SSL was still the main Serato program. But yes, you can use your MC7000 with SDJ, connect the SC2900’s in hybrid midi mode with SDJ (total of 3 usb ports needed) and with RCAs into MC7000 to control 2 SDJ decks with hybrid timecode.

You will also need XML midi files for SC2900 and SDJ, if I remember one user made them so they should be somewhere online. The same midi files can be used for SC3900 and SC2900.