MC7000 Windows Connection Issue (Possibly Driver Related)

Hi Guys, hope your all doing well today and hopefully someone can give me some advice.

So hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction, picked up a Denon MC7000 for my little girl to learn on (she’s extremely excited), waited an age for it to come and I can not get it to connect.

In advance apologies for the long read just wanted to get as much detail as possible.

So in basic I plug it in and turn it on and on the controller itself all that appears to happen is that the USB1/USB2 lights flash.

On the laptop I get the usual beeps to shows it installing hardware and when it says complete nothing.

I’ve installed the latest driver from the Denon website and also downloaded Serato Pro., something I did notice which hopefully someone can advise on is…

When I first plug the MC7000 in and have Device Manager open, I see a Denon MC7000 appear momentarily with a yellow exclamation mark listed under “Other Devices”.

When this disappears further up the list under “Human Interface Devices”, 2 new items appear listed as HID-compliant device and USB input device.

As additional info I have attempted to manually update the driver and every time it tells me the best one is installed, also when I use USBDeview to see what driver the device is using it is not using the Denon MC7000 driver (which I can find under a manual search).

It’s basically as if it automatically using the Microsoft Driver instead of the Denon one.

Any advice is welcome no matter how small it may seem, been at this all night now. Can anyone confirm weather what I am seeing in Device manager is correct or should I end up with a device listed in there under MC7000.

Thanks guys.