MC7000 will not connect to Serato DJ

I have an MC7000 that I preordered last September and received in January this year. Every couple of times when I connect to Serato DJ after the program has been opened and fully booted all the playlists, I turn on my 7000 and it will not connect to serato. It has happened at 5 gigs where I was about ready to freak out. I have found that if I reinstall serato (and yes I am using the latest version) the unit will then connect. I have become so paranoid about it that I leave a DMG of Serato DJ on my desktop just in case. I am running a 2013 MBP 13", core i7, 16gb ram, 1tb solid state. Has anyone else had this issue or found an answer?

There’s a whole support article on of what to do when your hardware won’t connect to serato.

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I always power on and connect the controller before starting Serato at gigs.

That way it always connects.

Slay, do you have a link for this? Please I’m having the same problem with a unit. It takes me about 4,5 or 6 times to get it to connect. Thank you

Google “serato hardware not connecting”, should be the first or second link.

Found it. Thank you I deleted the MC7000 Icon on the MIDI Set up. I plugged back in. Looks like it did the job. Thanks

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