MC7000 Weird channel issue

Hi! I reached out to support a week or so ago with no reply, so hopefully you guys can help. My ~ 2 month old MC7000 has started doing something bizarre - Channel 1 has started routing through Channel 4’s line fader. All other controls and the crossfader behave as normal. This means that the Channel 1 line fader does nothing at all and the Channel 4 line fader controls both Channel 1 and 4. This is true with Serato and using only hardware sources, so it’s not a Serato/USB issue.

I know this sounds insane - as a guy who has built and modified hardware mixers, I wouldn’t have believed this was possible - so here’s a video:

Note that in video I mistakenly reference Channel 2 a few times, this is an error, the issue is only with Channel 1. I have the latest firmware and have tried the hardware reset several times. I also have a lot of experience troubleshooting circuits so I don’t think I’ve overlooked anything simple, but I would love to be wrong about that!

Since I made the video a week or so ago, the platters have also started being very glitchy rather than only slightly glitchy. They seem to default to non-vinyl mode even when Vinyl is selected, and will sometimes work properly maybe 20% of the time. Pushing harder doesn’t seem to help, licking fingers to increase capacitance sometimes does. I’ve been mixing vinyl for 20 years and tend to cue by rocking the platter rather than hitting play, so this is a big problem.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

first I want to know if you have updated the controllers firmware, and that you are using mac or window

here you can download firmware here come the instructions

What version of serato are you using

Hi VDJ-CESAR! As stated in the post, I have the latest firmware - this was actually already installed in my MC7000 as I bought it recently, but I used the firmware tool to make sure. I’m also using the latest Serato version on Windows 10, however as noted the channel issue is definitely not a computer or Serato issue as it’s still a problem using only hardware with a computer not plugged in. Thanks for your help!

As it happens in analogue mode, think you should be sending it for a repair.

It is 2 months old. RMA?

Probably! I’d need a response to my support ticket for that to happen. Might submit another later today and hope for the best…

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