MC7000 Update Mojave Scratch Problems

Hello everybody,

Since I do not understand it, I’m trying to find some information here. Maybe someone has the same problem? I’ve had no major problems with the MC 7000 and Scratch feature before. At that time, I was still at MacOS Sierra. After a long time back and forth, I decided to update to Mojave. According to Serato, Serato Pro should run with Mojave. That does it so far too. Have an older MacBook Pro Mid 2012. But what did not work anymore was the scratch function. I always had the setting “0”! After the update to Mojave I had to increase the setting to “3” of 4 so that the function went again! Now I’m wondering, has something to do with Mojave or is this a hardware issue? It can not be hardware, since it worked before! Unfortunately, I have no idea why it is now problematic. Maybe someone has the same problem.

greeting Franky