MC7000 Traktor 3 Mapping


I’m here to find better tsi mapping for Traktor Pro 3 that actually work. I seem that a lot of manufacturers are only Serato influences.


I’m using traktor pro 2 mapping with oficial traktor 3 working as it did in traktor pro 2. No issues detected, so you can use it.


Where did you find the mapping for traktor pro at?


You can find it in the official product page. Here you have the official link.


Hey Guys,

I’ve updated the MC7000 MIDI mapping for Traktor Pro 3. Not much changed although I did add the ability to change the Mixer FX by holding Shift and turning the Filter knob. This control uses soft take over.

I’ve included instructions and mapping details inside the zip file.

MC7000 Traktor Pro 3 (680.4 KB)

Let me know if anyone has any trouble or suggestions for future mappings.


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The Tracktor mapping files were updated by Denon this week. I dont use Tracktor personally but i follow DigitalDJtips and they made an announcement about it this week.

Files here >>

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