mc7000 pitch slider led


hi all can you put some light on this question here ….

1 when I power up the 7000 it will show all said lights of witch will give you the 4 pitch sliders up and down led but not from then on??

2 but when in use not give you the up or down arrow light or if do only the 1 time can get it up if go to deck 3 say but only till I move slider then not from then on witch seems pointlets to have in if not work /use.

3 so i think i got latest software on but need to find out how to read that

just a pain pay 800 for it got 4 light and not work use

any one help me thanks andy


Hello This sounds like a technical issue, our technical support team will be able to assist:


Sorry, im not fully understanding your issue. Best to update to firmware 1.2. Download here >>

Instructions >>

MC7000 FW Update Instructions

  1. Power on the MC7000 while holding down both Left and Right USB1 & USB2 buttons. When done correctly all 4 USB 1& USB 2 LEDs will flash continuously.
  2. Connect the MC7000 to your computer via USB cable.
  3. Install or open the Denon DJ Firmware Updater 3.0+ application.
  4. Click File > Select Firmware File… find the firmware MC7000.bin file, and click Open.
  5. Click Update to send the update file to the MC7000.
  6. Once the firmware update data has been received by the MC7000, the units LED’s will begin to illuminate displaying the progress of the update. Please wait until the hardware completes the update process, this can take up to 5 minutes. IMPORTANT: Do not power off your device during the update process. USB1 & USB2 LED’s on both sides will continuously flash during the update process.
  7. Once complete the MC7000 will restart. Upon powering back on the Blue USB1 LED on both sides will illuminate solid.