MC7000 Now end of life. No longer in resellers

Just a FYI. My DJ store told me today that they have been informed both the MC7000 and MCX8000 are both now End of Life and can no longer be ordered.

Strange as Denon DJ still have them both listed as current controllers !.

Bit of an odd decision as its direct competition to the Pioneer DDJ1000 SRT. But considerably cheaper.

Some dealer shop Chains may have think to stop selling the 7000 and 8000 with them only as the so many prime interest on so most models like the prime 4, prime go, Prime 2, SC5, sc6. Even if denon still make 7000 and 8000

Does anyone from Denon wish to chime in on this offically?

With so many products in the Prime range now and the 7000 and 8000 both quite old in gear terms, I wouldn’t be surprised to see non-prime models being allowed to fade away.

The 7000 is simply midi, it can’t do anything without a laptop connected for the whole gig. The 8000 came out about the same time as nexus2, is both midi and an early smart console, but it’s certainly not a Prime.

A prime 4 is a safe and exciting purchase

Maybe so, but the MC7000 is still an outstanding 4 channel Serato controller. Even today. Its direct competition would be the Pioneer DDJ1000 SRT, which is twice the price. But its certainly not twice the spec of a MC7000. And the Denon has a better DAC too.

Personally i think they should keep it. My local DJ shop had 2 requests this week for a MC7000, so the demand is there. Thats how i found out they were no longer being shipped. He contacted me to see if i would sell mine.

Denon still need a top Serato controller. The Prime4 although Serato compatible is twice the cost at £1450.

I think it still has a place, when it came out it’s direct competition was the ddjsx-2, which I had but bought the mc7000 and kept both for a while but I immediately preferred the Denon tbh, and because it was quite a bit cheaper it was a no brainer which was getting sold really.

Seeing as the sx3 is even more expensive than the sx2, for anyone that uses serato, doesn’t like pioneer and wants a 2 usb 4 channel controller that actually has all the channel knobs, its the obvious choice. Not everybody wants a prime tbh

Hi all, I purchased a Denon MC7000 2 months ago in Thomann. I bought it after reading good comments in users fórum and owners, all them say it is good, somethings are better than Pioneer. When i see the prize (698€) sincerely i though the MC7000 is near its end of life. I did never see before this product so cheap…

But i purchased it and i am very happy with it ! Regards!

I was on a web conference with Denon DJ last week and he confirmed the 7000 and 8000 are end of life. No longer available. They are focusing all efforts on PRIME equipment. So there is no Laptop based Serato controller in their current line-up. He did say however, that they may consider making a new MC7000 in the future.

To me this really is a bad mistake. The Prime4 is twice the cost of a MC7000, and clearly there is still a market for a 4 Channel Serato based controller. Even Pioneer are still on the ball with this, having released the DDJ1000 SRT.

But the MC7000 was only 750 UK pounds, which made it absolutely surperb value given what its capable of.

Companies do what makes them more money. Paying 200$€£ per unit for SeratoDJ certification and getting dictated by Serato what hardware features is should have is not something that makes business sense when you have your own software developed in-house and a successful line of standalone devices.

My guess Denon is going the way of Pioneer/Rekordbox.

Even the Numark Go and those sub 150 quid units? :flushed:

True that. And there is always the Numark brand. Looks like they are the Serato hardware guys now.

It will be interesting to see the sales figure of the DDJ-1000SRT. The demand on social was crazy. And i think every dj on my social media has one. Quite ubiquitous. I know a few folks who sold off the rekordbox version once the serato one came out.

I don’t believe any of them come with SDJ licence. What’s the cheapest controller that unlocks SDJ? We do know that price difference between DJM-S3 and DJM-250mk2 is over 200$€£.

I will be surprised if InMusic or any hardware company will pay 200 a pop to serato.

They probably pay for bulk licensing.

When I had the MC6000MKII i had to register the hardware before they issued a serato code.

The serato full license retails between 50 to 129 euros to regular customers

Plus the fact that the license is baked into the hardware. It’s not a flexible license.

But is the juice worth the squeeze…because that comes with it’s extra responsibilities of supporting, innovating as we have seen here.

I reckon It will be cheaper than 50 quid to manufacturers.

I’d understand if the manufacturer moves a lot of gear, then they will start considering in house solutions. And it’s probably down to greed, not wanting another company eating off their backs, especially if it’s not an exclusive relationship.

I don’t think this is even due to any delays on serato side.

Serato will release a version to support a toaster overnight if necessary.

The Numark scratch is a 499 mixer and there is no way Serato is taking 200 out of that.

The Akai AMX was 299 or lower cant remember

That will be mad.

Just my own thoughts.

I was talking to a Denon tech guy on a Webinar about 2 weeks ago. He said although they do not have a dedicated Serato controller anymore (Given they are just pushing Prime now). He said there is a possibility in the future that there maybe a new MC7000 replacement.