Mc7000 mkii

I’m wondering if Denon is going to to the same thing that they did with the mc6000 and come out with a MKII for the MC7000. That would be great as long as it is Traktor, Virtual DJ and serato compatible. I’m buying. Come on Denon You know that’s what your doing. Inquiring minds want to know :wink:

As the end of the line for Denons last remaining midi only, screen less controller seemed to be linked to the launch of Prime Go and Prime 2 adding to the Prime 4 and SC and X smart devices, I don’t think they’ll do anything that is just midi.

Instead, I think they’ll stay firmly as leaders in the smart console range. Then some, or all of those smart consoles may offer midi as a “Might as well, why not?” option.

Maybe denon will leave the midi only brain-free devices for its sister company Numark to support.

My thoughts as well.

The latest Numark offerings seems to be heading in that direction.

Rane for turntablist and high end rotary ishh

Denon for standalone

Numark for laptop DJs

Stanton for…?

DVS Stylus’s

Not yet.

I was talking to a Denon engineer a few weeks back. At the moment they do not have a dedicated Serato controller. Which is odd given they still list them !.

He said at the moment they are just pushing all efforts in the Prime lineup. However in the future there is a possibility of a new MC7000 machine. I think its mad Denon DJ have let this happen, but maybe InMusic just want people to use Numark etc for the lower scale controllers.