Mc7000 mapping for mcx8000 - traktor?

Hi, does anybody know if its possible to use The mc7000 mapping file for The mcx8000? Which function Will not appear? Etc … thanks!

It’s possible that you’d get lucky with some of the most basic, most common encoders e.g.: Fader 1 on the MCX might work with Fader 1 on the MC but I doubt you’d get much beyond that.

Aside from that, although it’s unlikely that all the features, especially LEDs and the colour screens on the MCX8000 will get driven fully by Traktor, you may find that someone on the tractor forums has created a mapping. The difficulty with MIDI mapping is that software like Traktor offers hundreds of features more than any midi controller has buttons. ultimately, that means whoever creates the mapping file will only link the software features which they themselves use, leaving features which they don’t use, unmapped.

Thank you for your detailed answer!

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