MC7000 Load/Select Button Loads Wrong Track

The Load/Select automatically loads and plays currently playing track when trying to load new track. It also reduces the main volume. Does anyone know how to fix this issues?

MC7000 is a box of buttons so it does nothing on it’s own. Your DJ software is the problem, more specifically the mapping. If you use SDJ, see your midi settings (there is a guide on SDJ site about that). If you use Traktor, delete and re-import the tsi mapping files.

This is an intermittent problem. It happens unexpectedly. Do you still think that it’s a mapping issue?

I don’t think anything. You haven’t shown us a video of the issue or told us what software are you using. Volume fluctuations does indicate a hardware issue if the software virtual faders are not affected.

Could this be accidental activation of instant troubles / doubles ?

Maybe a double click of the load button is pushing a copy of the playing track to another open fader that’s at a lower volume ???

I am using Serato DJ Pro and I am only pressing button once. I will double check Serato settings. Thanks for your response.