MC7000 help before I buy!

Hi all,

Newbie here!!! hello all.

I am after a controller…

I am a past club/mobile DJ who is now fully mobile and have been since 1992. Many years ago I was sponsored by Denon, using their mixers and CD players!! and then progressed into the HC-4500 which is still serving me well today.

Well now im looking at a compact controller that can basically give me decent control over what I want to do. I don’t scratch, or do too many fancy things - I play music and mix in the traditional way.

The Mc7000 is one controller I have been looking at and have the following questions from users:

1: Seems to be a lack of Mic EQ on both of them, on the Mic 2 there is just a Tone control. Does this work well? as I do tend to use Mic 2 for speeches, guests speakers on jobs etc. I like to have control over EQ and it worries me that something that should have been on has not been included.

2: Has the mixer ever crashed? I hear reports of the all in 1 mixers crashing with laptops etc and both need re-setting? When my HC-4500 crashed or laptop, I just pressed play on my iPad and reset the controller. Now this is all in one, it worries me.

3: What cases do you recommend? Im thinking one with a shelf? (Gorilla is an all black one here in the UK and a good price? - will scratch easy I think…)

My choice of controllers so far are: MC6000 which im worried about as discontinued, I can still get - but how long will Denon support parts?

MC4000 : pretty basic, but dont like the face no EQ over AUX

MC7000: As Above.

Go for the MC6000mk2. It’s not discontinued and is above all a controller for mobile djs.

Or wait a bit longer for the Prime 4 :muscle:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t3:

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Ive been using the mc7000 for 2 yrs now and never had it crash or lockup. Only issues ive had are with Serato and Windows10. I sorted that by buying another used but powerful i7 laptop and bulit it with Win7 x64. Just for DJ use and its sweet.