MC7000 Headphone/Cue Distortion

So I just upgraded from my old trusty MC6000 and I’m totally digging this new unit. So far, the problem I’m having is with the headphones. I’ve been mixing in cue, just to test everything out and get a feel for it. After about 5 minutes the sound from the headphones gets totally distorted. Clicks and pops at first, then over a few more minutes the song is totally unrecognizable. Admittedly I haven’t hooked it up to my PA yet, so I have no idea what the sound coming from the speakers would be.

I’m running VDJ 8.2 on a brand new late 2015 Macbook Pro with the latest version of High Sierra. It has an i7 processor and 16gb of RAM. Could this be a latency issue? Can this be adjusted on a Mac? I realize it could be a Virtual DJ issue, but thought I’d start here.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


This may simply be the usual Apple “upgrade” to High Sierra needing firmware to fix things. The new High Sierra remedy firmware for the MC7000 was released a few days ago and can be found on the MC7000 page of the Denon DJ website.

Give that new firmware a try first, and let us know how that goes.