MC7000 freezes with Traktor

I recently purchased the MC7000 and upgraded my laptop. I have used the “official” mapping and checked the specs of the laptop. The issue is that the software keeps freezing for a second or two with no apparent reason and the problem is intermittent. I have tried replacing midi cables, using the other soundcard (USB2), disconnecting other hardware such as CDJ900’s which were used in HID Mode, increasing the latency, disabling multi-core support. I have used all the PC optimisation options available from both Traktor and Serato and had the PC checked by a technician. In addition, the “output routings” in Traktor do not show up as per the instructions provided. I only get the option of "Output 1, Output 2, Output 3 and Output 4." Strangely enough the problem seemed to be resolved when I disabled “split cue”. I am not sure if this is a known problem or a faulty unit but I cannot find any mention of the same problem anyway in forums, on the Denon page, Traktor page or in user forums such as DJ Tech Tools and other reputable sites.

At what times? When switching between FX? Also, please post screenshots of your Traktor settings and state what OS and Traktor version are you using.

Split cue is a hardware function and should not affect the software (mods, please confirm?). When you press the button, does the Traktor “ctrl” light goes on indicating it recieved a midi signal?

Hello there i have Denon MC7000 Crossfader Bliding

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