MC7000 Faders 2/4 not working

My faders 2/4 (the right side channels) are not working. When fader is at zero, the music will play through to the master, and can be controller via the level knob. It does not mute the music when fader is at zero. When I raise the fader, the music goes in and out and is not clean. There seems to be some issue with the hardware or soundcard on that side. Has anyone experienced this before? Purchased by 7000 in February 2017 so most likely out of warranty.

Tested with another dj software? Or used line level inputs?

No. Great idea for both. Will also try another computer as well. Thank you!

Install midi OX - free midi testing tool - it will show if Your faders are sending data. You can check all midi data in and out (led’s, faders, jog’s, touch controlls, knobs, buttons etc…)