MC7000 Crossfader Bleeding

I have had this controller since December 2018 and I have not been using it heavily, but the last three-four gigs the crossfader is bleeding. I do not believe it is the hardware? What could be the problem? It is not even a consistent bleed, and sometimes it cuts out or volume gets quiet or louder on the track bleeding in.

Very frustrating for such an expensive machine under a year old.

Please advise.

How about you plug external line inputs into it and test if it’s the hardware?

Yes, it bleeds with an ipad connected. Appears to be only Channel 1

What should i do, this ■■■■■

I would first clean the fader, you can simply take it out unlike some pioneer ones :wink:

Had that problem a few months ago, ended up having to replace the fader, tried to clean it but hat didn’t work. Got a new fader from Denon for like $12, pretty simple swap just need an Allen key.

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Thank you. I messaged Denon supprt but have not hear back. Did you buy the replacement through their support people? Also gonna try cleaning the fader. Will report back.

As others have said, just take the crossfader out for cleaning. Unlike Pioneers you dont have to take the whole thing apart.

Get a can of “spray Electrical contact Cleaner”. Spray into the crossfader unit so the spray gets to the slider tracks inside. Slide the unit side to side and spray again. Give it a good shake to get as most of the contact cleaner out. Then just let it dry for 15mins. Then re-assemble. Job done.