MC6000MK2 with external turntable and effects in Djay PRO 2

Hello people, Im new here and new in the DJ world so mybe my question is a little dumb but here I am…

I normally used my MC6000MK2 with all the channels selecting “PC” mode and everythings works fine with djay pro2: effects, filter, EQ, etc.

Im using djay pro2 output configuration as “MC6000MK2” instead of PC. So sound goes out from the amp/speakers connected to the MC6000MK2 output connectors.

But now I connected an external turntable to ch4 input (phono mode) and switch the channel selector CH4 to “LN4”. Now I listen the turntable music when press PLAY, and almost everything in the mixer part is working (EQ, levels, father, etc).

BUT! the effects controls are not afecting the sound comming from the turntable in ch4. Also the main “filter” knob (on top center of the controler) is not afecting the sound from that channel. What is going on? is that expected? or I have something missconfigured?

Is there any way or configuration to apply effects on that channel?

(I prefere keep using Djay PRO2 )

thank you in advance

When you’re using a controller and the effects are in the software, it’s quite common for those effects not to be usable on external inputs - because the signal isn’t passing through the software any more. It’s behaving like a normal mixer would.

You can try a DVS based software eg Serato. virtual dj or Traktor.

When playing regular vinyl you can apply effect.

Basically you go to DVS mode, set it to THRU mode, then you can still use the software based FX and Filters on the regular vinyl.

I know it works like that with Serato.

As the audio from the record is processed in the software, you will need to have Serato opened when you play regular vinyl

Thru mode explained at 05:40