Mc6000mk2 stops playing

This has happened 3 times sknce last weekend. Everything works great for about an hour then stops mid song and random lights flash and turn on and off. Very similar to power up. Then 1/3 of them stay on most of thrm are buttons I have not pressed. Then you hear a popping sound about every 5 seconds out into my PA.

Im running virtaul dj 8 , not software related. Switched out thr usb cable, even purchased new power supply. Im trying the new power supply now. It takes about an hour before the issue comes up. Any ideas?

I’d run a latency checker to try and find out what is happening on the lappy.

The controller like any MIDI controller, is effectively a QWERTY keyboard, it’s just that the keys aren’t labelled A, B, C etc… they’re labelled Play, Cue, Load etc

With that in mind, there little that a keyboard could do to a computer to cause issues.

Check for things on the lappy such as Windows power options to shut down power to the USB ports, or any other power save modes, remove USB hubs, check what the lappy may do hourly (like virus checks or drive back ups or other scheduled activity), consider also heat. Processors run slower when they’ve warmed up - it’s their way of cooling down - maybe it takes them that hour to warm up

Nothing to do with the laptop. It has been fine for over 2 years with this controller. As a matter of fact i know 100% for sure it is the controller causing the issue. When it stops playing music their is random lights flashing and the output has a click or pop as the unit seems to rebooting. I plugged my backup up controller same model and it works flawlessly. I originally though it was a power supply failure so I purchased a new power supply and it didn’t resolve the issue. I assume the defective unit is under warranty it was purchased July 2015.

Does sound like it needs some TLW (W=warranty).

Sounds like one of the main board ribbon cables is not seated properly.

If you are under warranty then that’s fine. You can repair it yourself easily enough but it takes a lot of time.

Is my controller still under warranty? I was looking around and didn’t see specifically on controllers.

You would need to find your proof of purchase with the date on it then contact Denon in your country to check as the warranty period can vary between countries.

Pretty sad that a company can only have 1yr warranty on their equipment. This is my first experience with Denon and assumed it was “Pro level” equipment. My gear is always rack mounted and kept out of the elements and used 3 or 4 times per week. Very very disappointed.

Even Rolls Royces have service centres.

Absolutely ANY item can go wrong.

Yes, it’s a shame if something with a 1 year warranty needs attention after a year…

It’s also a shame if something with a 2 year warranty needs attention after 2 years

And 3 and 4 and so on.

The 6000s, both models 1 & 2 are pretty robust units but sometimes not even a flightcase will protect its contents from every eventuality.

One year warranty is standard. If you are using your controller 3 or 4 times a week just the moving around can cause things to get knocked out of place.

As Boothe says, just like cars electronic equipment does sometimes need looked at too.

I am on my 4th set of tact switches on my MC6000mk1 and it’s been apart a few times now … but I’ve used it every weekend since december 2010 and it still works perfectly. Can’t ask for better than that.

I just didn’t expect this with a controller. Moving head or wireless system maybe. I have gone back to my old crusty rusty reliable mixer from 1995 since no one makes a 19inch rack mount dj mixer anymore.

I am on my 4th set of tact switches on my MC6000mk1 and it’s been apart a few times now … but I’ve used it every weekend since december 2010 and it still works perfectly. Can’t ask for better than that.

Kradcliffe, can you send me the info where you got the tact switches, I also need a replacement :wink:

Here’s the link. You just need to cut them back a bit as the tops are too long.

Mine has been doing the same thing and i only use it as a mixer (no usb). used it about 25 times in last 2 year