MC6000MK2 Booth Out, Help Needed???

I’ve been using this board for a few years now and LOVE it! However, had one small issue this past weekend at a gig. It was an unusual set up and I wasn’t near one of my powered tops, so I decided to bring an additional powered monitor speaker to locate near me.

I connected this powered monitor from the Right channel (only) 1/4" booth output through a 1/4" (TRS balanced) to XLR cable directly into the powered monitor XLR input jack. I had not output from the Denon at all regardless of the “booth volume” knobs settings with plenty of Master output going to the rest of my PA. To make sure it wasn’t an issue with the powered monitor I used the same cable to connect it to one of the outputs of my powered PA tops and it played fine all night to get me through but I had no volume control like if the MC6000’s booth control would have worked.

While completing setup of my system, I tried several other cables/adapters, even going from 1/4" to standard RCA patch cables into the RCA line in of powered monitor and nothing. Plugged my android phone headphone jack to RCA cable into this port and played just fine too.

So no matter what cable, adapter, input on monitor I tried I could not get output from the MC6000’s booth output.

Any suggestions of what to check into as a solve for this issue???

Did you check the booth out assign switch was set to “master”?

That particular controller has an issue with those select swtches failing so it could be that.

Yes booth assign was switched to Master. Not sure if the switch has failed or not because this is my 1st attempt at using it.

What’s best way to check for failure?

Flick it back and forth a few times to see if anything happens. Otherways it looks like the switch failure is blocking the booth output.