MC6000MK1 Volume fluctuating?

I am having an issue where the volume level on a playing track spikes then drops back to normal and fluctuates. This started a few months ago and has happened off and on since. I thought it was software related, but maybe not. (I’m using VDJ8.2) It has happened a few hours into a set and this weekend happened during setup and sound check. I believe it has happened on more that one channel slider, and my sliders always seem to function well, no distortion or drop outs during use. Has anyone had this happen or have any ideas. Could it be a power issue? I have a fellow DJ who also uses a MC6000MK1 and his original power supply just died on him last month.

Specs: Win 10 64bit, i5 with 12 gb ram, VDJ8.2 MC600MK1, pc mix mode Balanced out via xlr to Yamaha DXR12 powered speakers and sub.

The mc6000 is a real mixer as well as a midi mixer. So for areally good test plug in a real audio source and feed it into the same channel which you think is behaving oddly. By using a RealAudio source you are eliminating anything that the computer or its software might be doing.

Use a CD player, DVD or blue ray audio outputs, even a mobile phone head phone socket as a real audio source.

If the odd behaviour happens on just the computer but not on the real audio source, then it’s the computer or its software. If the odd behaviour happen on all types if input then it could be a failing fader.

If the if fluctuating on all faders then it could be that the master volume control needs attention.

Sounds like dodgy faders. One of the pins at the top of the fader where it meets the motherboard can snap (happened on my MC6000) and you only notice it now and again as there is still a small amount of contact.

Try wiggling the faders gently at either end (top specifically) from side to side and see if you lose the volume.

It’s unlikely to be software or power related in my experience.

If the sound doesn’t cut out when doing that it could just be dirt on the fader contacts, so you could try spraying in a small amount of switch cleaner then moving the faders up and down to see f it cleans the contact points.

Thanks Guys, I will plan to set everything up and trouble shoot this in the next day or two and let you know what I can find out. As a side note one thing that bugs me in using VDJ 8 with the mixer in PC Mix mode, using a 2 deck skin, with channel 2 and 3 as deck 1 and 2, it makes my channel 1 and 4 source sectors act weird.

Do you have the mode switch on the back set correctly?

The switch is set to “PC Mix” That is what is recommended by Virtual DJ.

OK, an update. This mixer is doing some weird stuff. After checking all connections trying multiple setting in Virtual DJ for sound card set ups etc and testing out all 4 channels with diff sources I now have this: Channel 1 will only play from line in #2 no matter what source I try to choose with the selector knob, this makes Aux 1 now unavailable at all. Also, when the unit is first powered on Channel 1 is dead until I rotate the gain knob in either direction then it comes on, but again only with line 2 as a source regardless of what the selector knob is on.

Try setting up your controller from scratch following the guide below. Also reset the mapping to factory default to see if that helps.

I just re installed the updated firmware, re installed drivers, set Virtual DJ to factory mapping for MC6000 and confirmed switch settings on the rear panel. Having the same results. Channel 1 will not output any signal until the gain knob is touched after powering up and even then it will only output the source from line input #2 regardless of what source the selector switch is on. Hmmm

Have you tried testing with another software?

As above, try with another software to see if the same thing happens. If so, it sounds like a motherboard fault.

The other thing you could try is to force a firmware update on the MC6000 with the same version as something in the ROM may have got corrupted.

I should have mentioned, I am using a CD player as the source for Line 2 (I still keep a CD player in my rack for back up), so I do not think it is software related, but I do have another laptop with VDJ 7.2 that I can hook up and try.

Well unfortunately it is a process of elimination and trying everything one stage at a time to track down the fault.

Re-installing the firmware won’t have cured anything at all. If the firmware in an MC6000 has become damaged, glitches, corrupted etc, then the MC6000 simply won’t do anything at all with regards to connecting to MIDI and letting anything work. During the units power up display of waving lights etc, it’s performing a self-test - if the firmware is corrupt, the unit won’t get past the Self test.

Re-flashing the firmware does, on some models, reset some user settings e.g.: The platter/jog sensitivity settings etc and, on different models, some other settings, such as remaining time/elapsed time on CD decks for example. Therefore, some people recite re-blowing the firmware as a suggestion as sometimes, just having a few user settings switched back to default might help, if the issue was settings related somehow.

Anyway… for your particular issue, try playing some music and tapping, fairy gently, the gain controls and the faders and the master volume control… one by one. tap each one for maybe 10 taps each, listening to the sound. If you find that the sound changes whilst you’re tapping around , or on, a particular control, it may be that control which needs attention by a fully authorised service centre.

The majority of users get many years and many gigs and practice sessions from all the controls, but ultimately, different usage can either extend, or shorten the life of any equipment.

No results with the tapping, also gently wiggling all of the sliders and switches. I tested all of my XLR cables to speakers, wiggling connections, shaking the cords, tried back up laptop with VDJ7.2. I have not gotten it to repeat the volume fluctuation issue yet, but Channel 1 will still only play from Line in #2 and will not come on until the gain control is turned to exactly 12 o’clock position. Unit is about 4 years old, always been racked in a hard case with an average of 2 gigs a month. Maybe time to upgrade to the MK2, I hate going into a gig not trusting equipment, even though I have back up gear.

Definitely sounds like some kind of hardware fault.

The only other thing I can think of is that there are two ribbon cables that connect to the main board and one of them may have become slightly dislodged, however as Gee stated generally when that’s the case it fails the boot LED sequence.

If it’s still in good nick it may be worth getting someone to look at it.

Anything else in the same case, perhaps underneath the MC6000 ?

Yes, it is a SKB case with a Furman power supply right under the MC6000 and beneath that a dual CD deck.

Well, there could be excess heat coming from the firman power supply and/or vibration from the CD motors.

If you get a chance, try removing the non-mc6000 items and see if the volume fluctuations cease.