MC6000 MKII with SC500 Prime

I want to purchase the SC5000. I have a MC6000 MKII and do not want to purchase a new mixer if i don’t have to. Can the SC5000 be used with the 6000 MKII as it’s stand alone mixer with serato and having full function?

Thanks for any help before I make this purchase.

Which full function are you looking for?

With the SC5000 now being an “authorized accessory” for Serato, you could probably have your cake and eat it to. Set up the 6000 MKII as primary controller, then add the SC5000(s). Routing the audio might require some study, but technically I think it should work.

I think I read somewhere on these forums that there is no sound routed back through the SC5000, so you’d need to be able to tell Serato which controller controls which deck. But I do believe that is doable.

Using the SC5000s as regular stand-alone players attached to the line inputs on the MC6000 is of course always possible. In which case you could still use two channels on Serato and use the SC5000s with Engine Prime USB sticks.

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Thanks DJ Vintage!

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