MC6000 MK2 - USB Audio Dropout

Good evening to all fellow DJ’s Let me describe in a few words what has been the worst month of my dj life. Im using the following:

  1. Laptop: HP Omen 17 inch (Brand New) Intel Core i7-7700HQ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB 1TB HDD & 256GB SSD

  2. Controller : MC6000MK2 (Firmware 1.03)

  3. Serato Dj Pro 2.0.1 and Video Expansion

I wanted to become a Video Dj and I went on to buy all that stuff since my previous laptop could not handle video.

I spent close to 2.500 euro and since that day I’m living a nightmare.

Since day one I have been getting USB audio dropouts and video lags each and every night I DJ.

I went through the optimization procedure for both the OS and the Graphics card…shut down the Wifi…un-installed stuff…restricted software on startup but the problem is still there.

Processor is always at 29% / Ram at 30% / and Graphics Card at 34%. No doubt the laptop has more stuff to give but there’s something screwing up the process.

I mean…what do I do? I’m being ridiculed every night.

The word around the internet is the USB 2.0 v USB 3.0 communication between the Mc6000 and my laptop is responsible for all this instability. Who’s to blame?..the controller?..the software?

Can someone please help me? I haven’t slept properly in weeks now since we’re talking about a lot of money here.

Please tell me that I didn’t spent my money for nothing.

I’m begging you…please help me


I’m sure many will be sorry to hear of your system difficulties, as am I.

There could be all sorts of things causing audio drop outs. But, to start somewhere, I’d suggest the following things:

  1. as a test, up the audio latency to something very high (just a test) like 100ms - does the audio improve? If so, it may be a case of running a latency checking program to find out if there’s some odd driver or background process that’s suddenly hogging system resources. Once such driver/task is identified/disabled If 100ms works with no audio dropouts, try 90ms, if that works try 80ms etc Be sure to try all this whilst the laptop is warm/hot , not fresh on cold. Laptops slow down when hot.

  2. usb3 drivers can be the bain of not just the DJ industry but other users too. Check with the laptop manufacturers for their very latest USB 3.0 drivers.

  3. also, check the laptop specs are all the USB ports usb3. Due to the computer industry knowing if usb3 compatibility issues some laptops go for a couple of usb2 sockets and a. Purple of usb3 sockets.

  4. any USB hubs in use?

  5. any other USB devices in use? Especially unpowered ones

  6. some laptops have power saving options on the USB ports - disable these

  7. some laptops only provide full power out of all USB ports if the standard laptop power supply is replaced with a heavy duty one - check with your laptop manufacturers for the last couple of points and drivers

Apologies if you’ve already tried all of these - there’s rarely just one solution to fix all computer issues. Let us know how you get along with the above.

I do video djing at one of my residencies weekly.

The rule of thumb for a stress free Video djing experience

On Windows use Virtual DJ 8

On MacOS use Serato DJ + Mixemergency (mac only paid video plug in for Serato)

Check the Serato Video forums and you will see threads longer than the Nile…users of both Windows and Mac frustrated that Serato Video is not working as described.

Hello First of all I’d lie to thank you for the quick response. I really appreciate it. I read your email days ago but wanted to come back to you with a solid response as to what’s going on.

*I disabled the USB power protections. *I set the USB ports to ''never in case they fall asleep. *I set the minimum/maximum power of the pc to 100% *I did the same things to both Hard drives (SSD and HDD) *Gave the priority to ''Services running on the background (Even If I don’t understand this one) *Gve the Serato Video 1,5 GB of Ram on the settings tab *Set the Sio Audio Buffer to 5ms and gradually raising it whenever it gave me dropouts. Gave me dropouts in every setting. *Installed LAVfilters because it was the only codec that makes the video run smoothly. All other codecs recommended by Serato support could not use graphics acceleration for my NVidia 1050 dedicated card. *My videos are all in MP4 shells ranging from 60mb to 150mb depending on the video length. *I connect my Controller on the USB right next to the power supply and next to it I have a wireless mouse USB connected as well *Power plan is set to performance *Last but not least I updated all devices and BIOS from the HP website

Im not sure how to check the latency on my laptop. Should I do it while I play videos with Serato? Have the software running on the background while I play with Serato Video? My god…I feel so helpless for the first time in my life. My wife was against this purchase from the beggining bacause it was too expensive but Serato promised it would work fine.

I’m in very tough spot. If you think you can help me more I would appreciate it.

I’m running full HD video out all night with VDJ on a GPD pocket, and it only has an Intel Atom processor. It works flawlessly.

Must be something wrong with your setup, or a driver causing latency spikes.

Can be a frustrating exercise to diagnose correctly but if you follow the advise from Gee above it will be a good start.

The safest option is to use a second computer for vjing syncing to the first one. I do so using Resolume which dxv codec for videos is very fast.


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Buying a second laptop is not an option for me buddy…or any logical human being that just bought a laptop. Please be realistic

One more thing. I have the feeling that some users reply without taking in consideration that Im using a controller. MC6000mk2 to be exact. Is there anyone using MC6000mk2 and windows 10?..because he could be of help in my situation

Would other VIdeo DJs go along with that?

Well that’s what Serato proposed in their optimization video. I have no idea what it is and why should I do such a thing but that’s what they proposed. Any ideas?