MC6000 Mk2 strange behaviour

One of my friends has been having issues with his Mk2 so brought it round last night. Tested it with VDJ8 and it doesn’t recognise any midi commands for the second fader channel (deck 1). Also when plugged in to the PC the cue LED for channel 3 stays on dim all the time.

I thought it could be an issue like on the Mk1 where midi channels were changed in error but this isn’t an option to change for the Mk2. I could always try reloading the firmware to see if that sorts it.

The unit is virtually unused but out of warranty as it was bought as a backup and stored away.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Try a firmware update

Try it with Serato DJ

Last shot will be moisture during storage.

I have one too as back up but I try to gig with it every now and then.

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