MC6000 MK2 not working with Serato DJ Pro

I just picked up a new laptop for use with my MC6000 MK2. HP laptop specs: Win 10 home, everything is current on updates/drivers intel i5-8250U [8th gen i5] 16GB Ram 256GB M.2 SSD + 1TB HDD. Serato DJ Pro 2.1

I downloaded the MC6000 MK2 driver, but I think it’s an older version - 1.0.1. I know there are newer versions out there. I can’t get anything to run on DJ Pro, but it runs perfectly on Serato DJ Lite. I have also purchased the license for DJ pro. Is there a way to get a newer driver for the MC6000 MK2? The one I have appears to be from late 2013.

Hi @rockyb65,

Sorry to hear of the trouble. Today we released an updated driver for the MC6000MK2. Please download from the link below and let us know how you make out. Hopefully this resolves the problem.

I checked with Serato about this and they responded that Serato Pro will not work on the MC6000MK2 but the Serato Lite will

They responded that mc6000mk2 is not a SDJ enabled device, you just misunderstod them what that means.

Out of the box the MC6000MK2 will work with Serato Lite.

If you need Serato DJ Pro to work then you will need a license.

Did you buy it new? Contact Denon with your serial number and proof of purchase, you may be eligible if the free upgrade to Serato DJ Pro.

Serato is running a promo for the serato suite…its 50% off last i checked…you can buy that as well. Comes with everything including DVS plug in.

Hi, i own a mc6000mk2 but cant use it with serato pro, but connects well with serato lite.

Do You have bought license for Serato dj pro?

No i dont have, the free trials does not work either.

MC6000 mk2 will not work with Serato Dj PRO without license. It is not unlocking the software, so You need to buy Serato DJ PRO. Also You will need to download extra midi mapping for it.

Thanks for the rely, how can i get this extra midi mapping for it. Am worried if i purchase the license and it will not work.

Google it, there should be somwhere a solution.

Did you get the controller brand new? If you did there should be a voucher for Serato DJ included.

You don’t need any extra midi mapping to use it with Serato DJ Pro. It’s plug and play once you get the Serato licence

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