MC6000 MK2 not working with Serato DJ Pro


I just picked up a new laptop for use with my MC6000 MK2. HP laptop specs: Win 10 home, everything is current on updates/drivers intel i5-8250U [8th gen i5] 16GB Ram 256GB M.2 SSD + 1TB HDD. Serato DJ Pro 2.1

I downloaded the MC6000 MK2 driver, but I think it’s an older version - 1.0.1. I know there are newer versions out there. I can’t get anything to run on DJ Pro, but it runs perfectly on Serato DJ Lite. I have also purchased the license for DJ pro. Is there a way to get a newer driver for the MC6000 MK2? The one I have appears to be from late 2013.