Mc6000 MK2 Effects Help

Hi all

I have moved from Technics 1210’s to an MC6000 MK2 and although I have figured most stuff out I am struggling with the effects.

The blurb on Denon’s website says 'Additional control features are added to this new and improved unit, bringing Beats Parameter knob (dedicated for controlling beat attributes), FX Tap Button (to add BPM data), FX Mode Change and now 8 Assign keys for fluid and comprehensive effects control.’

Now I am probably just being daft but I can’t seem to get my head around these features at all. For example:

  • What does the Beat Parameter knob do?
  • What are the various effects (I believe theer are 8 of them) and how do I change between them all. And how do I know which one I am in - as there is no display I would have thought that it would be shown on Serato but it doesn’t
  • What are the names of the 3 dials and what are they doing exactly?

Apologies if my questions are hard to understand. I have also searched the internet but so far I not getting any results. The manual tells you what many of the buttons are called but it does not tell you what they do.

Thanks in advance


Beat Parameter - Increases the beats the FX e.g. Echo on 1/2 Beat or 1/4 Beat. When you turn the knob and you have your FX panel in Serato showing you can see the numbers moving.

Various Effects in Serato depends on the number of FX packs you have. If you hold Shift and you can cycle through the FX from the controller. Once again select the FX panel view in Serato to see the FX. You don’t need the Panel showing to use the FX though.

The 3 dials are for stacking effects. In Serato you can either use 1 FX option…it’s gives you more control over individual parameter of that particular effect or use the 3 FX option which are kinda like stock settings. In the FX panel you can toggle between using 1 FX or 3 FX option. 3 FX on each side making a total of 6.

Thanks a lot for that, that makes a lot more sense now.

I never thought of changing the panel so I could see the effects on screen…told you I was being daft.

Can’t wait to get home now and put your explanation to use. Again, thanks for your input it’s much appreciated.

You are welcome.

The 6000 is quite a formidable unit.

You can still plug your Technics into it and use DVS as well.

You need the DVS Plug in for this function. Serato is currently doing a black Friday sale for the Suite.

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Had a great mix tonight and used the FX. As soon as i changed the panel and could see what was going on it fit into place.

Every time I use the MC6000 I learn another of it’s functions and it’s blowing me away.

TBH i aways said id never leave vinyl cos i want to stop old school…now i can’t imagine me going back. I know I’m a decade or so behind but better late than never i suppose :rofl: