MC6000 MK2 Crossfader

I use my MC6000 Mk2 with VDJ utilising video. Recently thas developed a fault when sliding the cross fader to the right the video flickers or pixelates bringing back the other channel.

Is it dust or does the crossfader need replacing? I’ve been trying to contact Denon support, or dealers to find out what my options are without success.

I can’t find a replacement anywhere, and seeing a youtube video it seems a rather convoluted process to swap over myself.

My next gig is only 2 weeks away and I’m struggling to find a solution.

I think you have a VDJ problem, not a hardware one. Crossfader in controllers just send midi mesages to the software so software knows at what position it is. All the mixing of audio (and video) is done by the software. Pixelated video indicates your laptop lacks cpu power in critical moments.

Thanks for the response its when the fader is virtually right over to the right edge, sometimes its fine other times it random flickrs / stutters, Moving it a fraction often settles it down CPU metre is usually very low.

Not sure I follow you. You see the VDJ crossfader on the screen and it doesn’t follow the physical crossfader movements? Tried calibrating the faders in VDJ? Tested the crossfader using external inputs to see if it bleeds the audio from other chanel?

Doubt a dodgy crossfader would cause that. Check your VDJ video settings and come back if you need any help. I do nothing but video gigs with VDJ and it’s always worked well for me.

I’ve tried it just at home, it did it to start with but I noted that the video screen for the output was squashed, as soon and I messed about with the setting and reset it, the cross fader worked ok??

Maybe just a gremlin in VDJ. Glad you’re sorted!

Thanks all not quite sure whats occurring, will put it out on the next gig and see how it goes. Cheers.