MC6000 Mk1 fader problem

Hi guys I have an MC6000 Mk1 which I have owned for approx 5 years. The software I use is Virtual DJ. I have recently encountered a problem with the fader on line two. When sliding it up the sound sometimes comes and goes through my speakers. Funnily enough if I press the fader knob very slightly to the left when sliding it, the problem doesn’t happen. It is all pointing to a fader problem. I have two questions: (1) Is it possible to change the way the mixer is running? I am running VDJ on channels two and three at the moment. Is it possible to run VDJ via channels three and four? (2) As a last resort is it possible to replace the fader? TIA

I’d recommend getting it fixed by a service centre.

Also check any flight case which you’re using for transporting the 6000, for anything which might be pressing down on the fader during transit.

Thanks very much for that. Points taken on board

You can change the deck order in VDJ version 8.

It is possible to replace the fader. I dont this on a friend’s controller but it’s a horrible job though. Takes about an hour to strip down the MC6000 to get to the main board and you need to be quite careful when soldering.

Thanks kradcliffe. It was the order on the mixer I was looking to change. At the moment on my mixer VDJ is run on lines 2 and 3. I wanted to run on lines 3 and 4? Changing the fader is not something I would take on myself.

Believe it or not one of my MC6000 faders went down on Friday, one of the top pins has snapped off.

Took me about 45 minutes to dismantle the unit as usual and I’m waiting for another fader to arrive. It gave me a chance to respray and touch up the top panel but in removing the old fader I may have knackered the circuit board.

Will have to see if it works once put back together again :slight_smile: