MC6000 mk1 - DVS with Traktor possible?

Hi guys

Once I have read somewhere online that with the updated firmware the MC6000 mk1 will support the DVS system WITHOUT 3rd party audio interface. Means it would be just Laptop, Turntables, MC6000mk1 and timecode, is this possible?

Using MC6000 mk1 and a brilliant product especially using it with Traktor. I would love to see the latest Denon products support Traktor Pro 3 like the old MC6000mk1 did.


You should be able to use it right now. I believe there is a mapping for it and Traktor opened up dvs for all dvs capable sound cards

Any article or video somewhere? Is this coming directly from Denon? This just sounds AMAZING to me. WOW

Traktor 3 no longer requires a dongle for dvs. You can use any sound card.

Here’s from the horses mouth.

Also if you look in the controller mappings folder you will see the tsi for your controller

Thank you, I dig right into that. Cheers !

I heard it works ok but not perfect.

Just found something for the other users with the same questions: TRAKTOR PRO 3 DVS SCRATCH WITH ANY SOUND CARD - YouTube

One thing to mention: MC6000 mk1 MUST be on the last firmware version because only that one enabled the DVS function.

Also works with any other DVS software that doesn’t require a certified audio interface (VDJ, Mixxx,…)

Denon stopped updating it’s own ASIO driver for win (64bit version) so you may need to use a 3rd party one like the Asio4All.

Fun fact: also valid for the MC3000 since it’s line inpusts are hardware connected to the soundcard (unlike the famous DDJ-SX)

Thanks for reply. Is there any other source to get the firmware for MC6000mk1 than denon official site? As over there its only listed firmware for mk2 version (which I hope is the same). My firmware file says: 1.012.

Mk2 and mk1 have different firmware files.

Mk1 is under the legacy hardware link and has listed for download all you need: win 64bit asio driver from 2015, firmware file,…

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