MC6000 MK III Feature Suggestion

Hello Denon,

I know the buzz is all about the Prime Ecosystem and it deserves to be. I do enjoy using them at home.

I’m primarily a Serato user, 80% of my gigs i use controllers. I feel/observed there is a gap in the market for a portable professional 2 channel Serato battle controller with the following features

  1. Decent Sized Jog Wheel with very tight scratching response. Low Latency 7 or 9 inch.

  2. Jog wheel with playhead indicator for scratching. I still dont understand why this is not a standard feature on all newer controllers from all manufacturers.

  3. Onboard hardware color/wash effects with independent filter. On the X1800 wash out is my favourite Denon effect.

  4. Easily swappable cross fader for installing Innofaders. I would have suggested the Rane faders but i think Innofaders will be easier for users to use.

  5. Normal placement of transport controls i.e Not the mirrored style that the 7000 and 8000 have. The number of times ive accidentally knocked the left Pitch fader when scratching on the left side …

  6. Tension control for the jog wheel

  7. DVS ready with proper pre Phono amps.

  8. Solid build to withstand the rigors of the road.

  9. 2 USB/laptop (Minimum USB 3.0…just like the SC5000 and Prime 4)

  10. Moving wave Screens are not crucial as i believe it uses more CPU resources.

  11. 4 ports USB 3.0 hub for adding a pair of Rane Twelves or SC5000M, external SSD/HD, extra midi controller. The hub should have enough juice to power up to 4TB bus powered external HD.

  12. Post line fader and cross fader software effects.

  13. 2 independent mic channels with EQ

  14. 3rd and 4th Channel could be toggable via switch or something

  15. Dedicated Sampler channel with FX routing as well

  16. 2 AUX input. Front and Rear Panel location.

  17. Physical cross fader curve adjustments on the front panel

  18. Pad FX mode i.e besides the usual performance function eg beatjump, pitchplay etc there should a mode where you can use the pads to control some effects eg transform, echo, vinyl brake fx. Or even a combination eg pad 1 and 2 echo out, pad 3 and 4 brake effect etc.

  19. Decent spacing between all knobs and a clean cross fader area.

  20. All channel knob should be arranged vertically…ie Trim - EQ - Filter - Color FX. The 6000MK2 had a weird knobs arrangement.

  21. AC adapter. Not the brick and pin if possible. Just regular IEC and universal power compatibility. IEC are common, easy to find rather than the proprietary AC/DC brick and pins.

  22. Independent VU meters for Channels and Master.

  23. XLR for booth and master.

  24. Mono switch on the top panel for booth and master.

  25. One Mic combo socket on the top panel or front.

  26. Built in Soundswitch …now this will be a killer feature. No extra dongle for Soundswitch needed. Just the DMX out socket.

  27. Full size Pitch fader 100mm



Hi @mufasa

Many thanks for the extensive feature suggestion list. It’s clear this is based on many hours of gigging experience and noting the DJ community usages in the field. I’ll be sure to pass this thread directly onto the inMusic DJ brands Product Teams.

Best Paul



Maybe other working DJs can chime in as well.

I currently use an SR2 for my small bar/pubs gigs…4 hours 2 nights a week.

I find that size to be optimal. Quick set up…15 mins.

What i dont like about that unit is the short pitch fader, lack of playhead indicator for scratching.

So if Denon can release a modern Serato 6000 in 2 channels with huge ultra low latency jog wheels, full size pitch fader etc the SR2 is going on ebay instantly.

PS Not forgetting VDJ and Traktor support for other users.

If it does well in sales then a motorized version later

If the prime 4 was very expensive, you could see why they’d have to make a lesser unit but the Prime 4 is excellent features for an excellent price. I don’t think anything less stands much hope

I will happily pay between 600 to 1000 euros for such a unit. Depending on feature set.

Something like the Mixars Primo (the primo does not have Jog Play position indicator)

They can keep the Prime colour scheme/layout (if at some point Engine Prime becomes a full DJ software)