MC6000 leak to ground or smth, help

First of all, I’m still a proud owner of mk1 series. Lately I started noticing unwanted behaviour. First symptoms was, faint glow of LEDs on CUE/play buttons when they are off. Glow seemed to be in sync with the music, going up and down. Recently, CH1 fader started leaking in the down state, and also, the headphones volume started jumping when in low levels. Makes it hard to work sometimes, because if there is no need in high volume, I’d rather lower it down to save ears. I suppose it’s a leaking semiconductor of a kind in there, because it seems to be all connected. Is there anybody who can provide guides to maybe finding the leaking component or maybe one who knows what may be happening?

Did you test using standalone sources and not DJ software?

I found it out when at home, here I rarely use external sources, but the issue is present not only in the DJ software, even when I play something through VLC or other players, not through the DJ software. And obviously, headphones volume knob isn’t a midi thing, but the volume is still affected.

Ok, the fader and headphone volume are probably not related but you still need to test using standalone external sources to confirm it’s a hardware issue.

At least I would.