MC6000 - ASIO Problems - clip, pops and sound stops!

Hello everyone! I’ve been using the MC6000 since 2013. I’ve never had a problem with it. However, I wanted to process the audio from the microphone inside the VDJ 8. I upgraded firmeware 1.012 and downloaded a new ASIO driver specific to the MC6000 on the Denon page (DN-MC6000_1.0.1.exe). The effects on top of the mic in were processed on the deck as expected, but I realized that sometimes the audio crashes and presents crashes. ASIO for controllers does not work with the MC6000. I do not know how to solve it! No new hardware, same UBS 3.0 port of custom. Notebook VAIO i7 + 8mb + Nvidia Force 2gb + Solid HD.

Just roll back to the previous driver.

I have found VAIO machines to be quite temperamental when it comes to latency and I still have a high spec one from 2010 that refuses to work properly with ASIO drivers due to popping and clicking.

Can you not use WASAPI (WDM) on the MC6000 in VDJ8 with mic support?

Thanks for the answer. In fact, I made all the attempts that I could imagine, all of which did not solve my problem. For all attempts: 01) any ASIO driver or even WASAPI (WDM) fails the audio; 02) return to a previous driver on all installed ASIO options, including WASAPI; 03) old drivers also do not work, not even the new ones, downloaded from Denon’s website, Virtual DJ or any other. I am suspicious that the problem is in the firmware of the MC-6000 itself, because I saw that these problems started after updating it. I believe, according to what I read, that it is not possible to return the previous firmware. I really need a position from Denon herself. It is unacceptable for me to purchase an official product of excellent quality and not be able to use it precisely because I wanted to update its internal programming bases. Thank you very much who can answer me because I do events weekly and many inconveniences have caused me. Att. DJ Walter Gryllo / Críket Music