MC4000 Traktor Pro 3 Mapping

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to share an updated Traktor Pro 3 mapping. I’ve added the ability to choose the mixer FX by holding Shift and turning the Filter knob. The Filter knob uses soft takeover so the effect will not applied until you cross the previous position prior to holding Shift.

I’ve included instructions and mapping details inside the zip file.

Denon DJ MC4000 Traktor Pro 3 (549.8 KB)

Let me know if anyone has any trouble or suggestions for future mappings.



This map did not work for me on TP3. I had to downgrade back to TP2, which works fine with the appropriate tsi. The errors were too many to list, but included multiple filter knob errors and no connection to deck A. Any suggestions? Windows 10 Pro Lenovo thinkpad carbon x i7 8gen 1tb ssd

Windows update and clean reinstall got it working.

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Ami me funcionó el mappIn del TRAKTOR pro 3 de maravilla exelente si habrá una actualización que abarque más csmpos mejor gracias muchas gracias

It would be fantastic if you could add the search button (individually) also using the microphone buttons. I’m waiting for a new mapping … :wave: