MC4000 touch platters don't work in vinyl mode - grounding issue

Hello, I’ve recently bought a Denon MC4000 controller, and all-in-all I am very satisfied with it. However, it seems that platters do not register a touch on their top side (vinyl mode activated). Since I can feel “electrical vibration” by going over the chassis it seems like it is not properly grounded. I tried to ground the chassis with piece of wire just to check if this solves the problem, however no luck. Did anyone have a similar problem? Btw, I used VirtualDJ and Traktor Pro 3 and the issue does not seem to be in mapping.

Are u having same issues like me ?

I contacted support 3 days now waiting on reply.

Hi Dean,

No, my platters are completely not reacting to touch, so the track isn’t stopped/silenced or anything like that, just acts like a jogwheel in regular mode, pitch bending it.

I doubt that you will get an answer with a solution to the problem. My problem hasn’t been solved in over a year. They said that this is a software problem)))).

Yes ive find out myself that its a software problem and worse denon support not even bother to respond my email,i bought mine brand new and i waisted $1900 and not a single support reply from em.