MC4000 still a good buy?

Hi everybody,

just looking to upgrade my good ol Vestax VCI 380. I would really like to go for the MC4000 but the age of the device and a lot of concern in the serato forum stopped me from hitting the buy button.

I really do love the Design and in that pricerange its the only one which does the job on the paper, my alternative would be the pioneer ddj-sr2 but this unit costs a lot more.

So MC4000 owners, what do you think?

Love mine. I don’t have any issues. works great with Serato and Traktor. to works properly with DJAY but the Denon drivers need to be uninstalled. For the price there is not another controller near it for gigging. The SR2 is 599 vs 399. some cool features the SR2 has that the 4000 does not is full pads but, it only has one mic input and strictly has volume for the mic. The 4000 has 2 mics both with separate bass,treble and volume controls controls, talkover switch and built in echo separate from the software. One other thing the SR2 has that the 4000 does not is line, phono input and DVS upgradeable. Just some data for you to chew on. :slight_smile:

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I don’t own one, but played on a couple of them at shows over the holidays. I was impressed. For an ‘entry’ 2-channel controller it is as solid as my old MC6000 was and worked perfectly with VDJ.

It’s tops on my list now if I decide to get a small footprint controller.

hi thanks for sharing, all the reviews are also good, dont know but the issues in the serato forum scared me, maybe i give it a try, so you say no issues, good device?

I don’t know what issues people were talking about in the Serato forums so I can’t comment on those specifically, but I didn’t have any problems, plus the guy who owned the rigs with the 4000s told me he was very happy with them and recommended them.